PRAGMA Digital


The digital revolution is a fact, and it is here to stay.

If digital technology has already transformed our work tools, the arrival of COVID-19 has had an accelerating effect, both in terms of technological deployment and mindset.

In fact, digitalization extends beyond the way we work, to address the core of our business - business model, value chain and products.

The integration of digital technologies will certainly enable your company to have new perspectives. However, it is critical to ask:

How will digital transform the business in the short and long term?

Are you ready for digital transformation?



We will support you throughout your digitalization process, from the definition of the digital strategy, which would require a review of the business model, to the support during the digital transition, through the steering, the synchronization of projects and change management.

We assist you in defining an agile digital roadmap, based on experimentation. We also support you in planning and setting up experimental mechanisms that apply to all projects, to ensure the success of this transformation.

This planning stage is preceded by a 360° digital maturity assessment, which is used to identify gaps in digital capabilities across the various dimensions of the organization:

  • Talent and Culture,
  • Data,
  • Operations,
  • Technology.