Due diligence


You are about to carry out an acquisition or disposal transaction and you wish to identify the stakes of this operation?

Due diligence is essential to identify the risk areas for the buyer and/or seller as well as the opportunity of the transaction.

As time and budget are limited, the aim is to target the areas of risk and the key valuable points of the company valuable. This work depends namely on the targeted company activity and its strategy, the business model, the legal framework, the information system, the financial data, the key persons etc.,



PRAGMA Consult has the appropriate qualities and skills, a multidisciplinary team, to carry out a high-quality due diligence, covering all aspects (Financial, legal, fiscal, human, environmental…).

Our approach consists of a deep understanding of the environment and the ecosystem into which the target company is carrying out its activities, a collect and analysis of all the necessary data through a reliable investigation of the history of all the aspects that would impact the relevance of the transaction.