Organizational transformation


Does the organization of your company suffer from complex hierarchy, rigid structure, heterogeneous work methods, and is no longer adapted to your current business environment?

You want to make your organization a major asset to implement your business strategy, but you are faced with crucial questions:

How to translate strategic orientations into organizational requirements?

How to build a sustainable and flexible organization?

How to get your team to adhere to this organizational change?



PRAGMA Consult assists you in the design and implementation of an agile and efficient organization that best meets the requirements of your business environment.

Our approach to achieving organizational excellence is based on the following steps:

  • Review and analysis of existing jobs and job hierarchy,
  • Structuring and meshing of positions,
  • Definition of the rules for changing positions,
  • Formalization and improvement of standard job descriptions,
  • Design of the target organization chart,
  • Definition of the RACI matrix (ResponsibleAccountableConsultedInformed),
  • HR impact study & change management,
  • Organizational deployment audit & performance monitoring.