Human capital's maturity & Roadmap


You are working on modernizing your human capital management and you have several HR projects to launch, but you want to have quick wins that mark the change in your HR approach. Meanwhile, you are facing the challenge of having to implement several actions that will help you achieve your goals. On the other hand, you are facing budget restrictions, you must make choices and ensure the return on investment of HR actions on the social climate, talent retention, the sense of belonging and performance.

There are several questions to ask when organizing and prioritizing your HR approach:

How can you assess the maturity of HR practices in an unbiased manner?

How can you have a global view of HR projects?

What is the estimated budget for each project?

What would be the impact of each project and who would be the beneficiaries?

Which projects to start with and how to link them all together?



We help Top Management and HR business partners develop an HR roadmap over a 3-year period.

Our HR experts support HR managers in developing an action plan prioritizing and sizing the HR projects to be launched, with the necessary prerequisites to be put in place.

Our HR recommendations cover all aspects related to people: the company's vision, mission and values, organization, talent management, internal communication, social management, and administrative management.

Our approach for the elaboration of the HR roadmap consists in:

  • Gathering feedback from employees through individual interviews and cross-functional focus groups,
  • Working hands-on with the HR team to identify existing HR practices,
  • Analysis of HR files,
  • Evaluate the maturity of existing HR practices,
  • Propose an HR roadmap,
  • Manage the deployment of HR projects.