Organizational maturity & Roadmap


Does the organization of your company suffer from complex hierarchy, rigid structure, heterogeneous work methods, and is no longer adapted to your current business environment?

You want to make your organization a major asset to implement your business strategy, but you are faced with crucial questions:

How to translate strategic orientations into organizational requirements?

How to build a sustainable and flexible organization?



PRAGMA Consult assists you in the assessment of your organizational structure through the following steps:

  • Evaluation and detailed analysis of the organizational structure,
  • Collection and review of a sample of documents and data related to the current organization to size and contextualize the existing work processes and organizational structures,
  • Identification of strengths and areas for improvement,
  • Identification of assets and areas for improvement,
  • Organizational sizing study,
  • Definition of a detailed and customized HR road map by prioritizing and sizing the organizational projects to be undertaken,
  • Breakdown of the projects into actions, sized in terms of resources and time.