ARIS GRC Solution: Governance, risk & compliance


Whether strategic, financial, operational, technological, organizational, legal or tax, potentially devastating compliance risks can arise at every stage of a company's life.

To address them, it is vital that executives identify, measure and control risk and compliance using a platform that takes a process-based approach to effectively implement and operate an enterprise-wide risk and compliance management system.

It is wise to ask yourself:

Are all your risks identified?

Are the risks and compliance under control?



With the ARIS GRC platform, you can define the business architecture in line with governance and risk management. As a Sales Partner of Software AG, we support you in the implementation of the ARIS GRC solution.

The ARIS GRC platform enables you to identify, document, analyze and monitor risks. You can create, implement, and operate effective risk management mechanisms with ARIS GRC.

The platform allows you to map regulatory requirements to your business processes and define appropriate controls for your compliance risks.

A testing workflow ensures that results are documented for auditing. You can plan, manage, and execute your audits and get a transparent audit trail. Using ARIS, you will have an integrated system and relational database aligned with your processes.

ARIS GRC helps you verify that employees are following standard operating procedures by managing a confirmation process that ensures they are reading and adhering to new procedures, policies, and guidelines.

The platform also helps you ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can maintain compliance with workflows for data protection impact assessments, surveys, and policy management.