Compensation policy harmonization


Is your compensation system outdated and in need of updating?

Do you want to adapt your compensation policy to your corporate strategy?

Do you want to offer your employees a fair and rewarding environment?

Our experts are here to meet your needs.



Our expertise is based on 3 major pillars:

  • The review of the compensation structure, which consists of the framing and study of the existing compensation system, the weighing and classification of the benchmark functions, and the proposal of a plan for the evolution of the compensation and motivation system,
  • The mapping of the global remuneration headings and proposal of an adequate policy,
  • Comparative study and Benchmarking.

Concerned about the efficiency of our approach and the satisfaction of our clients, we make sure to respect its coherence with the company's strategy, to guarantee the equity as well as the external competitiveness of our clients, in the respect of the legal, fiscal, and social framework.