Risk management


Implementing risk management process and tools is crucial to ensure the sustainability of your organization.

You want to identify and address the risks facing your organization and, in doing so, increase the likelihood of successfully achieving your company goals. Therefore, you need to answer the following questions:

What are the major risks that could jeopardize my organization operations?

How to estimate these risks in terms of impact and probability of occurrence

How to prioritize the threats and the actions to be taken to deal with these risks?


We assist you in the implementation of a risk management approach within your organization, in accordance with PMI-PMP project management standards.

We will proceed with you in the following steps:

1. BCM Plan

Implementation of project management principles for the deployment of Business Continuity Management.

2. Business Analysis

Assessment of the level of organizational resilience and acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of the organization, the functioning of organizational processes, the human and material resources required to implement these processes, the interdependencies, the impact of a process interruption on the organization and the threats that the organization is likely to face.

3. BCM Strategies

Declination of the continuity strategies by proposing measures per process, while considering the time within which the process must be resumed (the RTOs set in the previous phase), the maximum tolerable interruption time (the MTPD set in the previous phase) and the impact of the process interruption.

4.  BCM Response

Elaboration of a plan for each response phase:

Incident Management Plan (IMP): Control of the incident or interruption itself and damage limitation.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Resume or continue the most critical activities.

Business Recovery Plan (BRP): Resumption of all activities and return to normal.

5.  Monitoring Review

Development and implementation of a learning program of the plans established in the organization through the realization of exercises on the procedures and measures recommended by the plans.

Risk Management