Business plan


You wish to launch your project, create your company?

You plan to take over a company?

You want to launch a new activity?

You want to measure the maturity of your project, check its profitability and, especially, to convince the board and shareholders to follow and support you?

Your business plan is your best ally in structuring your project, putting your ideas in order, and building your forecasts on solid foundations.  When it is well written, this document will be invaluable in presenting the project of creation, extension of activity or takeover of a company to potential future partners.



We can help you build your business plan in the best way possible, to attract your various partners and convince investors more easily.

We will accompany you in the structuring of your business plan in the creation phase, advise you on the financial plan, help you choose and walk you through the best legal and fiscal options. We will also assist you in project approval, in case of takeover or activity extension.

Your business plan will help you:

  • Understand what the business is about, what business needs the value proposition meets,
  • Know the motivations, objectives, and assets needed to carry out the project,
  • Assess its value and how serious it is,
  • Take a position on the project.