Drafting of IS specifications


Digitalization is at the heart of your company's strategy and you wish to modernize your information system through the implementation of adapted solutions that best meet your needs.

Internal customers are more and more demanding nowadays, and the chosen solution will have to meet their business needs, but will also have to comply with the technical requirements of your target IS. Several questions arise for you when starting this project:

How to guarantee a total coverage of your needs through the requirements specification?

How to ensure that the requirements specification consider the evolution of the business and the current and target processes?

What are the best solutions on the market?

What criteria should you use to choose the best solution for your needs?

How can you guarantee, from now on, that the integrator's service will meet your requirements?


>  our APPROaCH

We assist you in the drafting of specifications for the acquisition of IT solutions and we help you until the choice of the solution and the contracting with the selected provider.

We put at your disposal our experience in the drafting of requirements specification and our knowledge of the best market practices to secure your requirements specification by covering all the administrative, functional, and technical aspects.

The objective is to guarantee, from this phase, all the necessary elements to make the best possible choice of the target solution. We assist our clients in:

  • Gathering the needs and writing the requirements specification,
  • Launching the specifications and responding to bidders' requests for clarification,
  • Organize and follow the demonstrations of the providers,
  • Choose the solution through the analysis of the answers received from the integrators,
  • Validate/revise the contract of the selected provider.