Performance management


Do you want to strengthen your performance management mechanisms?

Do you want to install a meritocracy culture?

Do you want to implement a performance management system and make it a catalyst for the overall development of your company?

Our experts are here to help you.



Aware that performance is one of the major levers of success for any organization today, we focus our expertise on achieving the following objectives:

  • A clear understanding of roles, expectations, and objectives,
  • A clear understanding of roles, expectations and objectives, and a mobilization and empowerment of managers,
  • Cascading of strategic objectives into operational objectives,
  • Definition of performance indicators (KPI),
  • Increased employee performance,
  • Better career management through the evaluation exercise,
  • More team satisfaction,
  • More objectivity in the performance evaluation process,
  • A match between effort and compensation: meritocracy,
  • Retention of high potential talent. 

Our approach is mainly based on the diagnosis, the review of the variable part of the remuneration structure, the assistance in the implementation of an adequate individual and collective performance evaluation system, as well as the updating and digitization of the HR processes through an assistance in the deployment of HRIS in the evaluation modules.