Managerial support & Coaching


Do you want to upgrade/promote your employees into team management roles?

Do you want to evaluate the effectiveness of your employees' management practices to optimize them?

Do you want to transform your managers into agile leaders?

Our experts are here to help you.


Our approach is based on 3 major pillars:



We design behavioral and managerial skill-building programs that combine learning, coaching and experimentation, where the learner is the actor of his or her learning.

Our training courses allow the creation of new skills and winning behaviors in leadership and aim to bring out new profiles of leaders, through a quality transfer of skills.


Profiling and debriefing

For the evaluation of managers, we provide our clients with a set of customized profiling tools (psycho-technical and personality tests) to guarantee a quality service (NOVA, Assessments 24x7, Central test, etc.). We believe that feedback is a powerful development tool and recommend individual debriefing interviews to discuss test results with candidates in a transparent manner.

Implementation of a management skills assessment system

With our team of experts in skills Management, we assist our clients in identifying the managerial and behavioral competencies required based on their competency framework and the tests used. Aware that assessment practices evolve from year to year, we ensure that we design assessment systems that are agile, adapted and innovative.

Your company does not have a competency framework? Don't panic, our team of consultants will help you, through a rigorous methodology, to identify the key competencies in line with your values, your mission and your vision. We also base our work on market expectations and job specifications and their evolution.


Implementation of skills assessments 

We also offer our clients the possibility to assess the skills, interests, and abilities of their managers to accompany them in their career and offer them the opportunities that best suit them. This approach is put into practice by our human capital experts and occupational psychologists.


Coaching & Empowering

These Coaching & Empowering sessions, individual or in groups, are a privileged way to refocus on oneself and to connect with the team.    

They aim at an in-depth reflection on the areas of improvement identified through profiling, the elaboration of a support plan for and with the person(s) concerned, the definition of the career objective and the retro planning in terms of phases and actions to be undertaken, etc.

Accompagnement managérial et coaching