Organizational Resilience



PRAGMA Consult assists you in this process to introduce and maintain organizational resilience within your organization:

Phase 1 : Initiation

  • Strategic orientations
  • Project Management

Phase 2 : Organizational Resilience Maturity

PRAGMA Consult adopts the BSI Organizational Resilience framework to measure the maturity of resilience within an organization.

This framework divides requirements of organizational resilience into three functional domains:

  • Operational Resilience
  • Information Resilience
  • Supply Chain Resilience

Phase 3 : Resilience Strategies

  • Operational Resilience Strategy
  • Information Resilience Strategy
  • Supply Chain Resilience Strategy

Phase 4 : Implementation & Monitoring

  • Implementation of the action plan
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Change management.

A questionnaire of 10 themes was developed by PRAGMA Consult to measure the Maturity of Organizational Resilience: