Assistance with the implementation of IS solutions


Your choice of IT solutions to be deployed is made, but you want to make sure that the implementation of the solution is adapted to your needs and to the specifications required in your specifications, that the deadlines are respected and that the stakeholders are motivated and involved.

However, key users are busy with their daily lives and dedicated resources are needed to manage the implementation, in support of the IT department.

There are several questions that need to be answered before deploying the solution:

How to ensure that the specifications have been considered in the target system?

Who is going to follow up on cross-domain points, blocking points, decisions, and manage the implementation phases?

How do you keep stakeholders motivated and involved throughout the project?

How do you ensure that the teams will adhere to the change brought about by the implementation of the solution?



We accompany you in the management of the different phases of the implementation of an IS solution from the launch phase to the post-Go-Live.

We provide you with a multidisciplinary team that will assist the business teams, each in their own field, to translate their needs, to foresee the impact of the IS choices on the processes and the work organization and to bring the necessary advice on the business choices.

Our certified Project Management team will ensure that the project is managed as closely as possible by controlling the risks and providing feedback.

Our team, also certified in Change Management, will ensure that the internal teams adhere to and appropriate the project.

Our intervention consists in:

  • Assisting in the workshops organized by the integrator,
  • Assist in the functional, technical, and organizational choices,
  • Assisting in the follow-up of cross points, decision points, etc,
  • Manage the project and monitor the integrator's performance,
  • Ensure the management of the change with the stakeholders.