Social regulation


Are you facing crucial questions in the field of social regulation?

Do you want to acquire the basic tools and skills to manage social conflicts?

Do you want to set up an effective social and psychosocial monitoring system?

Our experts are here to help you.



Our consultants advise and support you in several services, such as the implementation of a social regulation approach, the preparation of negotiations, the management of conflicts, the management of social relations and the support of social partners, the anticipation of professional elections, etc.

Our methodology is based on interviews and workshops to identify the social climate and strategic orientations of your company. The feedback from the workshops allows us to adjust the content of the service, which will be articulated in 2 stages: Training and Assistance.


We can offer various training themes that will enable you to:

  • Strategically and tactically position the social dialogue within your company,
  • Know the levers of a professionalized social dialogue,
  • Identify the most common errors in the conduct of social relations.



This is a post-training support that consists of:

  • Assistance in defining and implementing action plans,
  • Assistance in the deployment of the tools discussed during the training,
  • Follow-up of the before-and-after social negotiation assessments, etc.

This post-training support is followed by relevant recommendations on the legal, social, and fiscal aspects that will guide you in the long term.