Career and skills management


In a rapidly changing world where jobs are constantly being remodeled, created, and reinvented, career and skills management is considered a key strategic asset for a company. To remain competitive and efficient, it is important that the company anticipates these transformations by involving its employees in the dynamic development of the organization. And this, through the detection, identification, and cultivation of their potentials, to allow them to take off towards more favorable horizons. 

Are you wondering how to strengthen and retain your talent?

Do you want to clarify your talent needs, or develop your career and succession plans?

Are you looking to build your competency matrix?



Our approach helps you clarify your talent needs, identify high-potential candidates within your organization, improve matching between your talent and your strategy, and strengthen your long-term growth prospects.

In addition, our powerful and proven talent assessment process enables your organization to better understand its talent at all levels and to test your succession strategy. We help you identify your development needs so you can manage your talent in a differentiated way to maximize both individual and organizational impact.

Our experts will guide you in designing your competency matrix and creating an intelligent and strategic plan to develop, retain and attract future talent (Career Paths and Career Ladders).