Change management


The globalization context characterized by market saturation, competitive rivalry, and economic volatility, add to that the ongoing digital revolution, implies that companies are almost constantly transforming themselves if they want to remain competitive and innovative in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. This position requires the company to develop the ability to adapt, negotiate ambiguity, and show resilience in response to setbacks.

Are you concerned about maintaining and strengthening your strategic position in a changing environment?

Do you want to ensure that changes are implemented thoroughly and harmoniously, and that the lasting benefits of change are realized?

Do you want your human assets to acquire the new skills needed to thrive in such an environment?

Are you looking to identify and prevent resistance to change?


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To meet your challenges, we help you succeed in your change processes, design an inclusive culture and an agile organization, and have self-disciplined leaders capable of leading in a crisis.

We work with you to map out the change journey, identify the right team and put in place the right tools and support networks.

We also help you implement the plan and develop key messages to reach the right audiences at the right time, while equipping people with the skills and behaviors needed to cope with change and reduce resistance.

Whether you are new to change management or an experienced transformation leader, we can help you create and adapt your change management approach and develop the internal capacity to sustain that change.

PRAGMA Consult helps you to stand out in this context of competitive rivalry through a range of services:

  • Measurement of the aptitude for change,
  • Establishment of a change strategy,
  • Deployment of a change management approach,
  • Management of the psychosociological dimension of change and its impact on the organization and on people.

We provide an approach that includes 3 main phases:

Change Management