Projected cash flow budget


You have just created your business, or your company is already in place, forecasting your cash-flows will allow you to manage your liquidity and your financial needs and even to adjust your business model.

How to get a global view of your company's incoming and outgoing cash flows over a given timeframe?

How can you anticipate potential cash flow gaps and operate your business with greater peace of mind?

How can you ensure that your company will be able to withstand scheduled cash outflows over the coming days, weeks, or months?



To face these financial challenges, we perform a deep understanding of your activity including your sales associated to your cash-in and your different expenses and payments including your investment and your financial projections then build your cash flow forecasting model.

The cash flow budget allows to:

  • Anticipate your cash position,
  • Determine exactly you finance needs,
  • Decide on your finance capacity to development,
  • Meet and anticipate your budgeted expenses,