Business continuity management


Analysts say that two out of every five companies that suffer a disaster risk bankruptcy within five years of the event (ISO 22301, the Business Continuity Management standard).

With the increasing complexity of societies and economic systems, threats to businesses have risen sharply in recent years.

The devastating aftermath of natural disasters, pandemics, terrorist attacks and financial crises have shown how vulnerable we all are.

You want to ensure the continuity of your organization, but you are faced with crucial questions:

How can you guarantee that critical functions will be restored as quickly as possible in the event of a major event?

How to have visibility on all vulnerabilities and on the criticality of different activities?

What can we do to make key processes more reliable and secure?

How to meet the expectations of stakeholders (customers, partners, shareholders, etc.)?

How to prepare teams for crisis management?


PRAGMA Consult adopts an approach that complies with the ISO 22301 standard, the Business Continuity Management standard.

This approach allows the creation of robust and reliable processes that can adapt to new and changing conditions, whether they are internal or external.

The approach is based on 5 phases:  

Business continuity management