Corporate restructuration


Your company is in a delicate situation, you have exhausted all the alternatives to turn it around, but you are unable to do so, too many charges, too many credits, your partners are no longer as accommodating, your suppliers are beginning to discredit you and your customers are moving towards your competitors.

How to overcome such events that threaten the sustainability of your company?

How to boost your activity?

How can you regain the trust of your partners?


We can help you regain your credibility, recover your customer portfolio, and redress the financial situation of your company by studying with you the alternatives of exit from the crisis to provide you with the most appropriate solution in response to the threats to the survival of your company.

We accompany through our missions of:

  • Strategic, organizational, operational, and financial diagnosis,
  • Identification of restructuring options,
  • Analysis of restructuring options,
  • Crisis-resolution plan.