Corporate governance


Whether you are a family business or a publicly traded company, there is a real challenge to set up or improve the governance system.

The allocation of roles and responsibilities within the company often lacks clarity and formalism, there is often confusion between management and governance, and family relationships and decision-making sometimes become intertwined.

It is therefore necessary to put in place mechanisms that organize decision-making power, that ensure the interests of stakeholders and that structure the family-company relationship.

Several questions arise to clarify corporate governance:

What are the rules and processes of governance to be set?

How to ensure that governance mechanisms comply with laws and best practices?

How to prepare the succession?

How to ensure the company's sustainability?


We assist you in defining and improving the governance system with the ultimate objective of ensuring the company's sustainability.

We intervene in the implementation of corporate governance mechanisms or in the professionalization of existing bodies.

Our governance experts also adapt our approach for family businesses that have a succession and transmission issue from one generation to another.

Our approach consists of:

  • Diagnosis the existing governance model,
  • Introduce the principles of good governance to the teams,
  • Design the governance model and define the structure, processes, and the operating mode of the governance bodies,
  • Organize the decision-making process,
  • Accompany the succession and in the preparation of the successors,
  • Change management.