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We recruit the best people and help them become even better. We build solid expertise and pragmatic minds to meet the challenge of solving the most complex strategic and operational problems.

Our culture is to empower and challenge our consultants to stimulate their leadership, to let their creativity express itself and to encourage the "Out of the box" mindset.

We are convinced that each person is unique and special, that is why we accompany every employee to reveal their talent.

We offer a convivial and motivating work environment that allows our employees to grow and learn while strengthening our team's cohesion.

We engage ambitious and talented individuals for a long-term commitment, to whom we ensure a rewarding model.

The career path of each of our talents is specific and evolves according to their willingness to conciliate common career paths and individual aspirations. At the beginning of their career, our employees are looking for versatility, but they can later move towards a particular specialty or field of activity.

To support their professional development, we offer mentoring and training programs.

As soon as they join PRAGMA Consult, we associate them with a mentor who accompanies them throughout their career to share his or her experience, advise them on their career plan and guide them towards their area of expertise. We also offer them training programs to develop their skills and enrich their knowledge.

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We are looking for exceptional profiles to support the development of PRAGMA Consult.

We are looking to strengthen our team with skills from occupational psychology and human resources, engineering, or business schools, but mainly with people who share our values and our creative and ambitious mindset.

If you wish to join us to contribute to large-scale missions with our clients and bring your added value to our interventions, we invite you to submit your application.

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